Zakah Collection

An electronic self-service which enables Zakah payers and donors to pay their Zakah / Donations online, to one or more beneficiaries in the Sultanate.
Money will be transferred electronically to the beneficiaries who were approved by the States' & Districts' Zakah boards after checking their eligibility.
You can acquire the service from the portal: and after being logged in.
1- Select an assistance program.
2- (Optional) Choose governorate, state, and/or district.
3- Click on "Show".

4- Pay to one beneficiary by clicking "Pay Zakah" or "Pay Sadaqah / donate" on the rightmost of each beneficiary,
4- Choose more than one beneficiary by checking "add to pay" on the leftmost of each beneficiary, then follow the instruction.
It is not required to attach documents.
About three minutes
The service is free. However, there could be fees by the bank.
You must be logged in.

In case one of the selected beneficiaries reached the annual limit for Zakah, portal will let you pay them Sadaqah (Donation) only,

In case of multiple selection (during one payment process), the amount will be distributed equally between them.

Beneficiaries are shown in random order, and NOT based on any special criteria.