Zakah Collection

An electronic self-service which enables Zakah payers to request from the nearest Zakah board in their state or district to collect their Zakah (cash or in kind).

In kind Zakah can be:
- Trade offers.
- Crops.
- Cattle.
1- Enter the required personal and contact information..
2- Select the nearest state's or district's Zakah board and enter your address in details.
3- Enter the description of what your Zakah is about.
4- The Zakah board will contact you soon to make a collection appointment.
5- You will get a confirmation SMS from the portal as soon as your Zakah is collected; including the receipt number.
About three minutes to submit the request.
Between 1 to 5 working days for collection.
The collection is done by the Zakah board of the state / district that you have chosen, and from within its geographical area only.