About MARA

The Ministry of Awqaaf (Endowments) and Religious Affairs was established in 1997 under the Royal Decree No. 84/97, which changed the name of the "Ministry of Justice, Awqaaf and Islamic Affairs" to the Ministry of Justice; also the Ministry of Awqaaf and Religious Affairs was formed.

The Ministry is responsible for the spiritual and religious values based on the Islamic law in order to build a good citizen on the understanding of believing of Allah and right religion. It also organizes all things with regard to the religious matters inside the Sultanate.

The Ministry established a number of directorates specialized in serving Islam and Muslims inside throughout Oman, and the Directorate General of Mosques and schools for teaching Qur'an in all different states and villages in the Sultanate during the Summer vacation, in addition to encourage the participation in memorization of holy Qur'an competitions even outside Oman.

It is specialized in constructing Mosques reached more than 10,000 mosques in the Sultanate, contributes in establishing other mosques inside and outside Oman. In the field of Awqaaf, General Directorate of Awqaaf and the House money take care of the Awqaaf funds and its management to be explored in specific fields: such as providing assistance to imams, muezzins and teachers of holy Qur'an, and investing the funds of money house.

One of the directorates belonging to the Ministry is the "General Directorate for Awqaaf and Bait Al Maal Development" which is concerned with the development of Awqaaf and Bait Al Maal (the house of money) by investing Awqaaf funds in serving projects. It also established the stock endowment project, which facilitated the contribution of Muslims to participate in the endowment with simple amounts for serving and developing the Awqaaf.

Furthermore, there is a directorate for preaching and guidance concerning to everything related to preaching and guidance such as sermons, lectures, researches, imams and preachers; it is also interested in Hajj, Umrah, organizing Hajj for citizens and residents, printing the religious books and others.

Iftaa Office is within the administrative structure of the Ministry. It is specialized in issuing religious Fatwas, provides religious lectures and events in different regions of Oman. As well, His Eminence Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamad Al Khalili, Grand Mufti of the Sultanate participated in numerous conferences and symposia at the level of Muslim world with a view to discuss all the matters of Islam and Muslims.

Zakah Department

The Zakah department is within the administrative structure of the Ministry of Awqaaf (Endowments) and Religious Affairs, it makes the needed plans to manage the affairs of Zakah and develop its resources. Within this jurisdiction the Zakah department distributes Zakah money to the needy people through a committee which meet periodically along the year to look in the consider applications.

Our Vision
Aim to reach the best quality in Zakah service inside Oman.

Our Mission
Raise awareness of Zakah, collect it, and then distribute it according to Sharee'ah (Islamic Regulations).

Our Objectives

  • Raising awareness of the services that done by the fund of Zakah.
  • Collecting the Zakah money as it ruled by Islamic rules.
  • Distribute the Zakah money according to Islamic rules.
  • Working to develop and improve the administrative performance wich facilitates to all member in doing Zakah.
  • Working to increase the revenues of Zakah fund to enable it to expand its services..

Scope of Work
The department receives requests from all regions of the sultanate and then distributes Zakah to all regions and towns.

Aid Programs
Zakah fund is being distributed to the beneficiaries through different programs:

  1. The Living Program:

    In this program the idea is to provide the necessaries for the needy and poor families; who have low-income. The department decides if a family is deserved to get money according to how much the income and the persons in this family.

  2. The Housing Program:

    The idea of this program is to help poor families to have houses or to maintain their old houses. Also in this aid, Zakah department try to provide some of the necessary equipments which provide a decent living for that poor families.

  3. The Educational Program:

    The project aims to help students of poor families to complete their university studies; especially whom did not get a government study. So in the future this students will be helpful for themselves and their families.

  4. The Treatment Program:

    It aims to help poor families to treat if one of the family member is suffering a serious or incurable diseases whether the treatment is inside or outside Oman.

  5. The Disasters Program:

    Its idea is to relief the people who have disasters and extraordinary events. Also to provide maintenance for houses that had fire or emergency incidents.

  6. The Simple Program:

    It provides simple aid in Ramdan and throughout the year.