Zakah Calculator

An eService that allows families and individuals to apply as Zakah beneficiaries by submitting their applications.
Shall be posted on the Ministry's premises or advertised on local newspapers.
Documents vary by assistance program type. But you will see the, mandatory and optional, documents, after selecting the assistance program you wish to apply for.
Time varies by assistance program type and available funds for each Zakah category.
1 - To be eligible for Zakah, it is a must for the applicant to be entitled for it according to Sharee'ah (Islamic regulations), such as the needy, the poor and so on.
2 - It is Haraam (proscribed by Islam) to take Zakah if you are rich or have income that covers the necessities.
3- All applications shall be subject to review and audit by the appropriate Zakah Board of District or State, or the Zakah Department.
4. The grant will be given according to the priority prescribed for each type of Zakah assistance program.